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Eat your way through loads of cheese while avoiding rampaging ghosts. Find bonus cheeses and eat the ghosts - find bonus fruits and win the jackpot!

Treasure hunter

Treasure Hunter is a game of solitaire in which you earn jewels. Collect enough, get 3 in a row and illuminate a square. When the board is illuminated you get a large jewel, which you'll need to get a Jackpot Spin.

Dice 10,000

Dice 10,000 is a well-known dice game for 1-6 players which involves your willingness to gamble or to collect your current points. Bank your score as often as possible or take risks in order to score even more points.

Riddle Island

If you have a thing for riddles, then this is a game for you. The animals on and around the island will show up, once you have opened the chest with the riddle lock. And if you can collect enough mermaids, you'll be rewarded a Jackpot Spin.


Kasami is an exciting game where you, as a parrot, have to smash moving balls in exotic colors in order to liberate various animals that will help you to a Jackpot Spin.


Play the exciting board game Ludo with your Spigo friends. Will you be the first to get all your pieces into the finish area, or will your pieces be knocked home by the other players? There is excitement to the very end!
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