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Las Vegas

Build your own "Spigo Hotel" in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and watch your excited guests check in. Win Spigos on the slot machine and get a Jackpot Spin once your hotel has become the greatest in the city!

7 Solitaire

The classical 7 Solitaire known from Windows and the like. Bonus cards are hidden in the game, if you can find them a lot of Spigos will be coming your way! You start a Jackpot spin by solving the game of solitaire.


21 is an exciting solitaire-like game where you form sums of 21 using special hexagonal cards. On some of the cards you'll find colored stones. If you collect 6 different stones you get a jackpot Spin.

Spider Solitaire

In Spider Solitaire you have to gather suit sequences from ace to king, while also gathering spider parts to get a Jackpot Spin.

Mahjong World

Play this exciting version of Mahjong where you travel around in different parts of the world. Collect clues to unlock the safe deposit box and win the many Spigos in the bank. Play the fun mini-games and find the rare parrot babies!

Treasure hunter

Treasure Hunter is a game of solitaire in which you earn jewels. Collect enough, get 3 in a row and illuminate a square. When the board is illuminated you get a large jewel, which you'll need to get a Jackpot Spin.
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