Hello, we are Spigo.

Brought together by a natural affinity to creativity and entertainment, we’ve teamed up with a number of the brightest sparks in the industry, and over the years have gained recognition as a leading B2B supplier of digital highly customisable casino games.

Today, our games can be played on any device both for real money, as well as for fun, and support both local and international progressive jack pots. We create video slots that offer free spins, free games, bonuses, loyalty programs, and game memory – the whole shebang.

Backed by our state-of-the-art integration, API, back office and CMS, collectively known as Gaas (Games as a Service), we make use of the world’s largest hosting provider, Rackspace; on the world’s fastest global network, Level 3; using the world’s biggest distribution network, Akamai.

We take games seriously.

About Spigo

Spigo is a privately owned Danish company that enjoys a presence in Malta and Miami. We are a 100% independent online gambling software provider and only operate in regulated markets. Spigo currently holds an MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) license, and all of our software meets the criteria for the Danish market, as outlined by the Danish Gaming Authority.


When we first started out, back in 2006 in Denmark, we created community games websites in 16 languages across 20 countries. We originally created around 50 small to mid-sized casual games and entertained over 25 million visitors during the first five years

In 2012 we took a leap of faith and launched Spigo onto a new games platform designed to accommodate portable device playability, scalability and revenue games. This shift included aligning our business model and to shift from the B2C landscape to focus on delivering reliable casual and social gaming software development.


We believe in fair play. Spigo embraces a culture of high transparency within the company, both with our partners, as well as with our players. We are a results-driven organization that takes pride in seeing its gaming products making a difference, one spin at a time. We are a lean, mean, fabulous gaming machine – we keep our team close and our ideas large. Every member of our team is considered a key player at Spigo, and that’s just the way we like it.


We believe in continually working together to set new standards in the online gaming industry, with a particular focus on the following values:


Quality is everything. We believe that the time spent investing in quality is immeasurable and we don’t plan on skimping out. All of our game releases are top-class products that make a statement. Our are proudly made in Denmark.


We believe in making games that appeal to a large amount of people – for a very long times. Casual games have been designed in this way for centuries, and we’re not about to reinvent the wheel. What we have focused on however is ensuring customer loyalty, in order to deliver world-class products, built to last.


Security isn’t only concerned with applying the best measures to avoid and fix bugs and glitches – it’s all about transparency. By creating healthy relationships with both partners and players, Spigo enjoys a transparent framework that, in turn, yields the best security measures possible. To us, providing our customers with robust interfaces is just as important as making super games.

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