3 Helpful Tips for Monetizing Hyper Casual Games

Sep 12, 2020

Although the gaming market has been on the rise for several years now, the unprecedented events from 2020 have pushed video and mobile games alike even further. And at the forefront of gaming sits what we know as hyper casual games. But since many devs are now jumping on the hyper-casual bandwagon, thus needing viable ways to profit from them, we've decided to give you 3 super helpful tips for monetizing this type of games!

However, before we jump right into our top X picks, we have to define what the term "hyper-casual stands" for. This is a relatively new genre in the gaming community that represents games that have simple game mechanics, little or no learning curve and zero time restraints.

And with the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices, there's an added layer of accessibility and convenience that now comes with HC games.

1. In-Game Reward Videos

Utilizing reward videos in your HC games can be a brilliant way to monetize them, although the exact revenue potential would depend on the type of game you have.

The term 'Reward Videos' means that the player can voluntarily choose to watch a video ad in order to gain a particular reward. This can range from getting extra gold coins, more health points, or one of those highly-popular prize chests that you contain random rewards.

And to make the most of your reward video strategy, make sure to properly analyze your game's metrics in order to figure out how players interact and what they do when playing your game so that you find the best time and way to insert a rewarded video.

2. Paid Ads Removal

You're probably aware of the fact that the vast majority of HC games have sometimes rather annoying in-game ads. They typically have you watch at least 5 seconds of a particular ad, after which the "X" appears and you can close it.

In this light, one of the best ways to monetize your HC title comes in the form of giving players the option to instantly get rid of any in-game ads by paying a small fee.

The idea is to find the perfect balance between interrupting the gameplay at the right time with those mandatory-until-you-pay ads and offering a genuinely exciting gaming experience.

3. In-Game Purchases

Although in-app purchases are typically not the most widespread monetization method for HC games, it's still a viable way to increase your revenue.

For example, you can include various unique character skins or other cosmetic items that you can only obtain by buying them. But the exact kind of in-game purchases that your game offer will completely depend on its main theme.

Of course, this should be in no way forced on players as such in-game purchases have to be completely optional.


Monetizing hyper casual games can definitely be a rather puzzling and unclear process.

However, with the help of our 3 awesome tips for profiting from your HC titles/s, you can now be much more confident in your revenue potential.

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