3 Pros Of Using Custom Slots For Your Online Casino Business

Jan 20, 2019

With online casino platforms thriving, businesses in this niche are logically starting to look for ways to make their virtual casino more appealing and more unique. And that's where custom slots come into play, with their individuality and 'uniqueness' factor.

That's arguably one of the most crucial aspects of coming on top in a sea of online casinos. The ability to offer something captivating yet different, which the player base can appreciate. While that might've been a real challenge just a few years ago, it no longer is thanks to tailor-made slot machines.

Thus, we're now going to dive into 3 key advantages to using customized slots. Make sure to read on if you want to give your business the competitive edge!

1. Custom Slots Can Spice Up The Gameplay Of The Slots If Your Online Casino

Think about it - having 10 slot machines in your virtual casino that have almost identical gameplay is far from optimal. In order to truly keep the players glued to their screens, your casino might need more variety. The easiest way to spice things up in terms of gameplay would be to add custom slot machines to your slot catalog.

By doing so, you'll essentially be able to offer games that were specifically created for you and your businesses. You'll be able to choose how the game works, what features it will have, the associated rules and what the narrative will be. And all of this means that your slots will be distinctive and distinguishable, instead of relying on dull, cookie-cutter slot machines.

2. Custom Slots Can Help To Improve Your Brand Awareness

Offering unique and distinctive slots might help with brand awareness since players would find it easier to remember your brand. That's because customizable slots can aid the player's ability to associate your iGaming platform with a particular slot that captured their attention. Or in other words, it may boost the chance of players (i.e. clients) to connect a slot machine with your company and vice versa.

Basically, launching a high-quality slot that was tailor-made to fit the needs of your virtual casino might spark additional interest towards your brand. When you provide players with fresh and interesting slots, you're giving them a great reason to remember your casino. And that's exactly how your brand awareness could potentially catapult.

3. Custom Slots Can Add More Visual Flare To Your Virtual Casino

This goes back to being original, different and simply giving players the opportunity to enjoy exciting and cool slot machines. Apart from providing them with video game-like gameplay, you'll also have to give them something that's pleasant to look at.

And guess what, stunning visuals will always stay relevant, especially in the iGaming sector. Or in other words, making use of highly-customizable slots means that you'll have the opportunity to utilize stellar graphics for your gaming portfolio.


While these are probably 3 of the most crucial benefits for your online casino brand, there are just as many if not more when it comes to custom slots. The customization aspect and the uniqueness factor of these slots is simply hard to beat.

But how can you find a professional and trustworthy slot provider/developer that offers highly-customizable, tailor-made slots that fit your iGaming needs? Easy - Spigo is your businesses' ultimate solution when it comes to custom slot machines and online games in general. We take pride in our one-of-a-kind, proprietary and HTML5-powered software development framework that's designed to take online games to a whole new level - the SpigoBUILDER!

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