5 Money Board Games With The Worst User Ratings Out There!

May 05, 2020

Board games are quite unique in the sense that they've stayed relevant for more than 100 years. But while some of these games enjoy great reception, others aren't as fortunate. That's why we've decided to make a list of 5 money board games that have the worst user ratings!

So to do that we went over to the BoardGameGeek and analyzed only the games with the absolute worst user-generated ratings. Now, concerning the two rating systems over there, we're referring to the "Avg Rating" one.

And for logical reasons we've only hand-picked titles that have at least 10 user reviews under them.

1. Money Buns

Avg user rating - 3.06 (from 16 votes)
Number of players
- 3 to 7
Average playing time - 30 to 45 minutes
Age - N/A

As the name suggests, Money Buns is themed around carbohydrates since it revolves around collecting piles of pastries. Although donuts and cakes are many people's favorites, this game apparently isn't.

Apart from that, Money Buns falls under several categories, while bluffing being the main one. While the key game mechanics are trading, hand management and set collection.

2. Movies and Money

Avg user rating - 3.21 (from 48 votes)
Number of players
- 2 to 4
Average playing time - 45 minutes
Age - 8+

The not-so-well-made artwork on the cover of Movies and Money isn't the only sub-par aspect of this board game. But perhaps this is forgivable if we accept the fact that this title came out all the way back in 1979.

What isn't forgivable though is the atrocious user rating it has. Regardless, the game is all about dice throwing and negotiations as each player strives to become the king of Hollywood.

3. It's Only Money The Game

Avg user rating - 4.00 (from 14 votes)
Number of players
- 2 to 4
Average playing time - 60 minutes
Age - 12+

Even without looking at the associated overall rating, you can immediately spot one of It's Only Money The Game's primary issues - it's complexity rating. It's been given 3/5 stars meaning that it's definitely not among the easiest games out there. However, players also complain about how dull this game is.

And looking at the gameplay this sort of becomes evident since It's Only Money The Game revolves heavily around three things - move and spin/roll. Moreover, this is an economic game in its purest sense in which you win by getting 5 spaces (or acquiring $50,000).

4. Money Bags

Avg user rating - 4.34 (from 20 votes)
Number of players
- 2 to 4
Average playing time - 20 minutes
Age - 7+

Money Bags is a very simple board game that's supposedly meant to help you learn important money skills. And while it's children-friendly, fast-paced and dead easy to learn, it still has a pretty bad average user rating.

It's all about math and education since it's primarily a children's game although adults can enjoy it too. There are loads of plastic coins and other gameplay items, while rolling/spinning and moving are the primary mechanics.

5. Money Card

Avg user rating - 4.48 (from 22 votes)
Number of players
- 2 to 6
Average playing time - 60 minutes
Age - N/A

On the outside, Money Card sounds rather interesting as it even involves completing phrases in foreign languages as part of bonus moves. However, players don't rate this game about collecting traveler's cheques highly at all.

In short, Money Card is all about travel, racing and even education. While the key game mechanics include movements and point to point.


These are the worst-rated money board games out there, according to BoardGamesGeek's average user rating metric.

But hey, even if others don't rate these titles that highly, it still doesn't mean that you shouldn't give them a chance.

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