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3 Interesting Facts About Custom Slots Development That You Probably Weren't Aware Of

on March 19th, 2019
The custom slot niche is quickly becoming the go-to source of tailor-made games for virtual casino platforms and casino businesses that are looking to gain a competitive edge. Most companies within the online casino realm are quickly realizing that offering a unique and fresh iGaming portfolio can potentially attract lots of new players to their casinos. And since custom slots development seems like a rather obscure term to some, we've prepared a list of 3 intriguing facts about this type of slot creation.
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What Can Slot Publishers Do For You In Reality?

on March 12th, 2019
It's quite obvious that developing an online slot machine is only one piece of the puzzle. Once you have a finished product that's ready to go, you start pondering on things like marketing. And since you'd definitely want more exposure for your slot among other things, you'll most likely stumble upon slot publishers.
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Top 5 Best Online Casino Games At The Moment That You Don't Want To Miss!

on March 5th, 2019
Ah, online casino games. Players simply love them and no one can deny their rise in recent times as it's more than evident that iGames will continue to flourish. According to relevant market data concerning online games courtesy of Statista (1), the online gaming market is predicted to jump from 45.8 billion USD to 94.4 billion USD in 2024.
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How To Find Reputable And Trustworthy Game Publishers?

on February 28th, 2019
The life of a game developer always revolves around two very important things - creating a kickass game and publishing it. And while the actual development is arguably the most fun part, publishing your creation would require a game publisher. But how exactly can you find trustworthy and reliable game publishers?
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Slot Publishers: Microgaming - 5 Blockbusters That Were Turned Into Online Slots!

on February 20th, 2019
It's quite obvious that online slots are constantly evolving and becoming much more video-game like these days. Because of that, even popular big screen titles now have their online casino interpretations. And one of the brands that are spearheading this movie-to-slot movement happens to be one of the most popular slot publishers: Microgaming.
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What Does The Term Casual Games Actually Mean?

on February 15th, 2019
Ever since the dawn of video games, there has been a common assumption that in order to enjoy your favorite game, you'd need to have lots of spare time. However, that's not entirely true because of something called casual games. Okay, but what exactly does the term casual games really mean?
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7 Online Casino Games That Will Definitely Get Your Heart Rate Up!

on February 7th, 2019
Long gone are the days when online games were dull, uninspiring and unexciting. Nowadays though it's not uncommon to spin various reels while also enjoying the thrill of modern iGames. And that's why we've decided to make a list of 7 virtual casino games that get your heart pounding with their eerie atmosphere and spooky gameplay!
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Top 4 Of The Most Popular Stable Platforms For Top-Notch Game Development

on January 28th, 2019
Since players get to enjoy what's essentially the end product of a developer's work, they often forget just how much goes into creating games from scratch. And in order to provide the player base with breathtaking new games, devs rely on various stable platforms for game development.
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3 Pros Of Using Custom Slots For Your Online Casino Business

on January 20th, 2019
With online casino platforms thriving, businesses in this niche are logically starting to look for ways to make their virtual casino more appealing and more unique. And that's where custom slots come into play, with their individuality and 'uniqueness' factor. 
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