Does Advertising in Hyper-Casual Games Have Any Potential?

Jul 22, 2020

No one can deny the astonishing growth of gaming apps, especially in recent times. And at the very tip of the spear when it comes to gaming is the hyper-casual genre. This is where most of the investments in this market fall into, due to the exponential revenue potential of these games. However, does advertising in hyper-casual games have any potential?

Absolutely - the hyper-casual genre offers exceptional audience demographics, top-notch ad formats and constant growth.

Of course, other gaming genres such as hardcore and mid-core are still alive and well. But their hyper-casual cousin has definitely stolen the show in recent years when it comes to revenue and market growth.

The Hyper-Casual Sessions Grew by 72% Across the Globe in March 2020!

According to an eBook report courtesy of Adjust, the hyper-casual market literally exploded at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic (1). In fact, China experienced a massive 300% increase in the number of sessions, as observed between Dec 2019 and March 2020.

On top of that, the same report outlines that approximately 2.7 billion players are predicted to spend over $77 billion on mobile games. And as you might imagine, the bigger chunk of this amount will be spent on hyper-casual titles.

Researchers also found that users are now installing more of these games with overall installs worldwide skyrocketing by 103% from Dec 2019 to March 2020. And in addition to downloads increasing tremendously, app engagement has also increased quite a bit.

What Are The Main Reasons for Advertising in Hyper-Casual Games?

The primary benefits related to advertising in this gaming segment are associated with top-notch engagement and a massive audience.

And here are the 2 main advantages when it comes to diving into the world of hyper-casual advertisement:

1. Enormous and Diverse Player Base

The player base is much more diverse nowadays, as the days of the profile of your typical gamer i.e. a male teenager are long gone, as outlined in a GlobalWebIndex report (2). In fact, 43% of mobile gamers in recent times have been female, with the remaining 57% being male.

There's also an awful lot of diversity when it comes to age. Many adults now enjoy mobile games (including hyper-casual ones) than ever before, as this is what the age split (according to the same report) looks like:

  • Gen Z - 14%
  • Millenials - 48%
  • Gen X - 32%
  • Baby boomers - 6%

Clearly, people of all ages are now on their mobile devices playing games.

2. Outstanding Market Growth

The hyper-casual market has leaped from 25% of the top 20 free games out there (in 2016) to 60% in 2018, with more than 660 million users playing these games, as reported by IronSource (3).

This growth is truly exceptional and rapid for any media vertical out there, with these games making roughly 22 million installs per day in 2018 alone. As a result, the hyper-casual advertisers have been steadily growing along with the overall market.


It's quite obvious that it makes a lot of sense to for advertisers to seriously consider hyper-casual games. This market is definitely gaining lots of momentum and it seems like it's here to stay.

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