How To Find Reputable And Trustworthy Game Publishers?

Feb 28, 2019

The life of a game developer always revolves around two very important things - creating a kickass game and publishing it. And while the actual development is arguably the most fun part, publishing your creation would require a game publisher. But how exactly can you find trustworthy and reliable game publishers?

Simple, by asking yourself the following questions before deciding to partner with a particular game publisher:

  • Is their portfolio and fanbase sustainable and suitable for your game?
  • Do they have good professional relationships with other game devs?
  • Will they be able to adequately promote your game once it's published?
  • Do they have a decent amount of other games that they are actively publishing at the moment?

If you answered 'Yes' to all four questions, then the chances are that this publisher might be a great fit. And especially if you're an indie (i.e. independent) developer, you'd want to choose game publishers carefully as you'll now see why...

Why Do You Need To Carefully Pick A Game Publisher For Your Game/s

Because publishers are generally only interested in actually promoting their own brand, not your newly developed game. On top of that, more often than not you'll be getting only a fraction of the revenue that a game generates, due to all the related terms and conditions.

Not only that, but things can get even more complicated if you hook up with a publisher during the development stage and they fund your project. They might have the desire to take full control over your project. And last but not least, a publisher might even want to gain all the associated rights to your own game, including everything from merchandising to possible sequels etc.

Thus, you better play your cards right when approaching a game publisher for your fresh new title! However, a publisher can also prove to be your stepping-stone to success...

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Game Publisher?

They range from pure financial support (i.e. funding) to PR and advertising. In fact, here's a small list of the main perks of collaborating with game publisher:

  • Your project gets much-needed funding in order to succeed
  • You can rely on a publishers' prowess and expertise in marketing, distribution etc.
  • You will be able to spend more time developing your game as you won't have to deal with the marketing side yourself
  • You can utilize their experience and know-how in publishing game to gain a competitive edge

And even though we have something called digital distribution these days, there are still several key advantages when it comes to cooperating with a game publisher. As previously mentioned, you shouldn't neglect the marketing and PR aspect of such cooperation.

Truth be told though, getting your game published on a popular marketplace like Steam, GamersGate, etc. can prove to be even more beneficial than an actual publishing deal!


It's quite obvious that being able to find suitable game publishers for your projects is essential if you want your games to become successful. And there are benefits to partnering with a publisher even if you're a die-hard indie developer.

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