The 3 Best Casual Games For Android!

Oct 04, 2019

So this list is for all you Android casual game lovers. That's why we've collected some of the most popular and successful titles for you. Whether you're trying to kill off some time or just don't want to get too serious when gaming, we've got you covered!

1. Angry Birds

The Angry Birds franchise has definitely taken the world by storm. Initially launched as a fun and casual title for Android back in 2010, Angry Birds now has not one but three sequels. And even more astonishingly, they even made a movie about this game!

Now, the actual plot of this title revolves around birds who fight with some pigs because they stole their eggs. There are birds of different colors and there are various powerups that you can use to gain an advantage. As for the main goal, it's to destroy your opponents' (the pigs) base.

However, Angry Birds Star Wards II gives players the freedom to choose who to side with. This means that you can either side with the Angry Birds or the Bad Piggies. Basically, this is casual fun at its best.

2. Fruit Ninja

In a similar fashion to Angry Birds, there's hardly anyone who's ever played mobile games who hasn't at least heard about Fruit Ninja. This arcade casual title was released back in 2010 (like Angry Birds) and it offers very straightforward gameplay.

Basically, the whole game revolves around slicing fruits. This is done by sweeping across the screen with your finger which acts as your "sword". And to make things more challenging, the game throws multiple fruits at you so sometimes you'll have to use more than a single finger to slice them all.

And if you miss 3 fruits then it's game over. Also, the game has both single and multiplayer variations for the Xbox title called Fruit Ninja Kinect.

3. Super Mario Run

Courtesy of none other than Nintendo, Super Mario Run offers casual fun for all mobile users. This is a single-player auto-running title that came out in 2017 for Android and it includes the legendary Super Mario character.

Now, Super Mario Run is quite identical to the mighty Nintendo title of the 80s. The side-scrolling fun is present yet again, although you're only given limited control over Mario. In fact, the only thing that you control is when Mario jumps as he's on auto-run all the time.

There are 3 levels consisting of 8 worlds and of course, there's the grand finale - a boss battle wit King Bowser. In short, Super Marion Run seems like the ideal casual solution for all Super Mario fans and casual gamers alike.


So, here are 3 awesome and quite popular casual games that we're sure you'll totally enjoy playing. All of them offer a genuine casual experience for everyone who prefers less complex and not so time-consuming titles.

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