The 4 Oldest Casino Games In The World!

Mar 27, 2020

Casinos and gambling, in general, have been part of our lives for quite a bit of time. Betting and winning big have always enjoyed plenty of attention for centuries now. That's why we've decided to make a list of the 4 oldest casino games in the world!

Now, casinos, as we know them, have definitely evolved over the last couple hundred years. Especially since we now have online casinos in addition to the traditional land-based casinos.

As a result, just about every of the most popular casino games now have their online interpretations. But when did these games originate and which are the oldest ones? Time to find out!

1. Craps

Although Craps is one of the most popular casino games nowadays, it's actually the oldest known one out there. It all started back in the 12th century (1125 AD) during the Crusades by Sir William of Tyre.

There are varying opinions regarding how Craps came into Europe and became so popular, but the name "Craps" is believed to be invented by a Frenchman. However, it wasn't a Frenchman but a US citizen named John H. Winn in the 19th century that created the Craps version we're currently playing.

2. Blackjack

Blackjack is another immensely popular casino game today, but it originally came out sometime in the beginning of the 1600s (17th century). This was when Spanish writer and author Miguel de Cervantes first made a reference to the game that Blackjack originated from - Twenty-One.

In fact, Blackjack is the sort of Americanized version of 21 as both share plenty of similarities. Fast-forward to the 20th century and in 1956 there was the first attempt to come up with a mathematically and science-valid Blackjack playing strategy courtesy of the American Statistical Association.

3. Roulette

The Roulette casino game that just about everyone's familiar with came into existence during the 18th century in France. Subsequently, the word "roulette" in French actually means "wheel".

But the wheel had to have numbers to make the game playable and apparently this idea came from an Italian game called Biribi. And the current form of this game has been around since 1796, then the game quickly spread across the world and the rest is history.

4. Poker

The roots of the good old Poker are related to the time when commercial gambling was born. Thus, Poker came out in the 19th century and more specifically around 1829 when an English actor reportedly saw people playing Poker in New Orleans.

And the way this actor named Joseph Crowell described this game is exactly how you'd describe modern Poker. However, in the 1930s Robert Foster pointed out that the Poker game that was played on US soil is actually the Persian game called As-Nas.


These are the 4 oldest casino games out there and as you can see, some of them could actually be even older as they seem to be based on other games i.e. Blackjack.

But we live in a modern, digital world so online games are the thing now.

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