Top 5 Casino Table Games With A Truly Irresistible RTP!

Nov 12, 2019

RTP a.k.a. "return to player" is a metric that many players value greatly. That's because it determines how much of your initial wager you might retrieve. And this is totally relevant when it comes to casino table games so we've hand-picked the top 5 ones that have a truly irresistible RTP!

There's no doubt that a high RTP is very alluring because it's directly tied to your winning potential. Still, luck always plays a role in determining how much you'll win, so don't forget that.

Even a 99.99% RTP won't guarantee you lots of cash. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't strive for the highest RTP possible, right?

And before we kick off - keep in mind that we've focused on the online interpretations of table games here since they generally offer a higher RTP.

1. Blackjack Switch

RTP - 99.92%

Blackjack Switch is a Blackjack variety courtesy of Red Rake and as you can see, it offers a truly spectacular RTP.

You play with a max of 2 hands, while there are 6 decks and the croupier draws cards until he/she gets to 17 points.

Also, although the Side Bet Supermatch is permitted, you're not allowed to forfeit or surrender in this type of Blackjack.

2. Atlantic City Blackjack MH Gold

RTP - 99.65%

The second entry on our list offers almost as good RTP and interestingly enough it's also a Blackjack game.

Now, in Atlantic City Blackjack MH Gold you play with 8 decks (consisting of 52 cards) and there's a random shuffle that takes place after each round.

Other than that this is a pretty basic online table game that doesn't have any fancy bells and whistles, although it does feature a late surrender option.

3. Blackjack (Relax)

RTP - 99.6%

This is your typical Blackjack title, created by Relax Gaming (hence the name) and it comes with a stellar RTP.

Basically, this game focuses on providing an authentic Blackjack experience (mainly for mobile users) for those who prefer online table games.

And while it doesn't have any mind-blowing features, there's a "best move indicator" that lets you know what the mathematically correct move is during each around.

4. European Blackjack

RTP - 99.6%

Switch Studios' European Blackjack is exactly this - the EU Blackjack variation that's generally considered the game on which the typical (US) Blackjack that we all know is based upon.

This title is both veteran and new player-friendly, while the crisp graphics take it a step above some of its competitors on this list.

And the fluid gameplay makes for an authentic Blackjack feel, albeit in an online-based form.

 5. Free Chip Blackjack

RTP - 99.58%

Free Chip Blackjack is a type of an LA strip Blackjack that comes with a superb RTP.

The game itself is rather new and fresh, meaning it's rather visually-pleasing, staying true to Playtech's style.

Last but not least, this game also offers a wide betting range as the stakes start from only 1 euro and go all the way up to 300 euros (per 1 hand).


We can safely conclude that RTP is and always be an important metric for players.

So our top 5 picks that have the best RTP out there will totally be your cup of tea for those of you who prefer casino table games are no different.

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