What Are Custom Slots All About?

Jun 10, 2020

Thanks to the rise of online casino platforms, now everyone's talking about online slots. As a result, these virtual slot machines enjoy huge success across the globe. But with more and more titles popping up all the time, the need for standing out from the crowd has never been more apparent. And that's where custom slots come into play. But what are custom slots all about?

Custom slots are unique online slots that are specifically developed to cater to your and your brands' needs. This means that the operator (i.e. the client) has all the available development tools at their disposal in order to make a unique game.

And now we're going to dive deeper into custom slots to help you figure out how they are built, what kind of benefits you might expect and more!

How are Custom Slots Made?

Their development is entirely based on the operator's vision and idea regarding the particular game. Or in other words, it all starts with a particular concept that can be related to a unique design, visuals, features, win percentage etc.

And if you don't know much about slot machines and how they work, you can simply send a few examples of games that you already like and think that might work as an example. Once the primary idea is there, the operator and custom slot developer (or development studio) begin cooperating in order to implement these ideas and turn them into the finished product.

Thus, the specific game has to be made in complete accordance with the client's needs. Regardless, the operator still has the full freedom to choose how much detail they want to share with the developer, although that might affect how close the end result will be to the initial concept.

What are the Primary Benefits Associated with Using Custom Slots?

The main benefits include offering a unique product to casino players worldwide, increasing brand awareness, attracting new players as well as retaining your current player base via launching big PR and advertising campaigns.

Of course, all of this largely depends on your budget and long-term goals. But the sheer customization options that you get access to will help you to shape your slot exactly the way you want to differentiate your product from the others on the market.

You can match the theme, music, plot, interface and other gameplay aspects with the corporate style of your brand. As a result, you'll be able to bring in new players who are looking for a different and refreshing online slot/s.

What are the Main Characteristics of a Quality Custom Slot Provider?

Here are the main factors that usually separate a great custom slot developer from the rest:

  • Mobile devices support for both portrait and landscape screen modes
  • The ability to provide your own sound or graphics (or let the provider find them for you)
  • Any bonus features imaginable and symbols/reels configuration
  • The latest custom slot game development framework (i.e. HTML5)
  • Flexible volatility and RTP
  • Symbol polymorphism

All of these factors can truly make a difference when it comes to making your unique online slot.


Overall, with the continuing rise in popularity of online slots, it's only logical that custom slots will thrive as well. Especially when the need to have a unique and different game becomes more apparent.

So - what's the easiest and best way to get started with your own custom slot?

It's through our exclusive, premium, high-quality and cutting-edge proprietary HTML5 online game development framework - the SpigoBUILDER!

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