What Are Whitelabel Slots And Whitelabel Casinos All About?

Jan 12, 2019

Not too long ago, opening a brand new online casino platform from scratch would prove to be quite a challenge for most entrepreneurs. From the sheer volatility to the associated countrywide regulations, tedious negotiations with game providers and huge capital investments required, it was anything but quick and simple. However, most of that changed with the introduction of whitelabel slots - but what are they exactly?

White label slots or white label online casinos are pre-made and ready to use casino solutions that generally require a very affordable initial investment, especially in comparison to opening an independent online casino. Or in other words, it means that you can buy a white label casino that was developed by an online games provider, rebrand it to fit your business and then officially start your online casino business.

Basically, white label casino solutions are the easier and cheaper alternative to conventional (independent) online casinos. And once the white label slot provider hands over the ready-to-be-used product to a company, all that's left for it is to brand it accordingly and launch their online gambling platform to start attracting players.

The Ins and Outs Of White Label Casino Slots

When it comes to having a more detailed look at white label casino solutions, it's safe to say that they offer a generally cheaper shortcut to anyone looking to start an online casino business. There's no doubt that an entrepreneur that's just starting would have a pretty hard time building an online gambling platform from scratch.

But thanks to white label software solutions, just about anyone can set up an operational virtual casino these days. From a technical perspective, the casino itself is managed and operated by the software provider (or developer), while the branding aspect is left to the entrepreneur or business who bought the while label product in the first place.

And since white label casino providers offer an online casino solution, the operator who bought it can launch it right away. All that's needed would be a fitting domain name for the casino, some branding and tweaking other details such as bonuses, promotions etc.

White Label Casino Cost - How Much Can You Expect To Spend?

It'd be quite hard to pinpoint a particular price tag because that can vary greatly between all the different white label providers. Nonetheless, in a general sense, you can expect a white label casino to cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 on average. You have to consider a lot of variables including how popular the provider is, what kind of quality they offer,  how big is the code etc.

The price of purchasing a white label casino solution would generally also include things like several payment methods and integrated customer support. At the same time, it's worth noting that operators can opt to use the independent services of other specialists like designers, marketers and such. This can help when it comes to customizing the casino and making it more unique, but of course, it will add up to the overall investment.

It'd also be logical to expect that a reputable white label casino provider will have a certain guarantee of commitment attached to their products. But then again, the exemplary prices mentioned above are more than decent by online casino standards and one of the main reasons for businesses and entrepreneurs alike choosing to go with white label slots.


It probably won't be far-fetched to say that whitelabel slots are an affordable and easy way for entrepreneurs and businesses to start their very own online casino platform. The simplicity and the generally more-than-bearable- associated costs make for an appealing business opportunity in the iGaming segment for any startup.

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