Which are the Most Prominent Mobile Game Publishers In Apple’s App Store?

May 29, 2020

It's safe to say that mobile games have seamlessly overtaken their desktop counterparts. With the ever-increasing popularity of such games, it's only logical that more and more developers are diving into the world of mobile devices. This, of course, includes Apple-powered devices that sell by the millions each year. But which are the most prominent mobile game publishers in the App Store?

To find out we examined some of Statista's recent data regarding the top gaming app publishers for iPhone devices, based on the overall number of downloads (1).

And while all publishers enjoy millions of downloads on a monthly basis, 3 of them truly stand out as you're about to see!

1. Voodoo

Overall downloads* - 28.12 million

Based in France (Europe) and launched back in 2013, it didn't take long for Voodoo to take both the App Store market by storm. The privately-held company exclusively focuses on the free-to-play and hypercasual genre.

Unsurprisingly, the French gaming company has plenty of games under their belt, while some of their most popular titles include Hole.io, Helix Jump and Aquapark.io. Moreover, as of late 2019, Voodoo's have received a total of 2.6 billion downloads worldwide.

However, the company is also surrounded by plenty of controversies, with the most notable criticism being copying other game's concept e.g. Hole.io from Donut County.

2. Good Job Games

Overall downloads* - 22.83 million

Good Job Games is a gaming company that hails from Istanbul (Turkey) that was established in 2017. And in a similar fashion to the other top publishers, the Turkish company produces casual and hyper-casual titles, with an emphasis on the latter.

Although the game publisher and developer is relatively new to the scene, they still boast more than a dozen games. Thanks to them, GJG enjoys massive popularity on Apple's App Store, with the company holding over 82% of video ad shares there.

Some of GJG's most notable titles include Epic Race 3D, Run Race 3D and Run Race 3D.

3. Playgendary

Overall downloads* - 18.48 million

Playgendary is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing game publishing companies in the App Store. The company was launched in 2016 and it was during that time that Playgendary released it's first two games - both for iOS devices.

Nowadays, the company that currently has its headquarters in Limassol (Cyprus) has a portfolio of over 30 casual and hyper-casual titles. Among them are notable games such as Polysphere, Bowmasters, Tank Stars and of course Kick the Buddy, which is arguably the most popular game courtesy of Playgendary.

for January 2019


As you can see, the most prominent game publishers on the App Store at the moment are Voodoo, Good Job Games and Playgendary.

And it's worth pointing out that each of these game publishing companies enjoys millions of downloads each month on Apple's very own App Store.

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