Which Are the Top 4 Slot Providers for Q1 of 2020?

May 12, 2020

Each year sees the release of hundreds of brand new online games that they can enjoy. And with the global expansion of the iGaming sector, it's not surprising that there are many up-and-coming developers. So in today's post, we've decided to list the top 4 slot providers for Q1 of 2020!

Now, since there are many game providers appearing on the scene all the time, in this article we'll focus only on the top ones, based on their respective provider rank.

And for convenience reasons, we're using the provider rank for online UK casinos that can be found on SlotCatalog.

1. Snowborn Games

Provider rank - 123

Based in the capital cities of Sweden and Finland, Snowborn Games is a fresh online game development studio that focuses on making iGaming slots. The Scandinavian studio is also part of its parent company QTech Games.

Apparently, the Asian games distributor company realized Snowborn's potential so they went and right away bought the majority stake. But since Snowborn Games are still relatively new on the scene, they only boast two slot games:

  • The Vault
  • Miami Glow

However, this doesn't stop their games from being active on more than 180 casino platforms in more than 25 countries.

2. Vibra Gaming

Provider rank - 162

Vibra Gaming is an up-and-coming slot provider that hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. And while the company's site is still quite barren, Vibra Gaming apparently makes various types of online slots.

This includes slots with both vertical and horizontal lines, various reels and even multiple bonus games. Currently, their portfolio on SlotCatalog consists of 5 titles:

  • Fruity 7
  • Quake
  • Codex
  • Spin Island
  • Make a Wish

Moreover, the South American company's games can be found in more than 30 casinos in 18+ countries.

3. Present Creative

Provider rank - 170

Present Creative is the first and only US-based company on our list and it's also quite different from the other entries on our list. Apart from developing various games ranging from mobile to casual ones, Present Creative is also a full-service art studio.

The San Francisco-based business engages in aspects of game development such as sound design, art, engineering and animation. And since they're more geared towards developing games for others instead of making them for our brand, Present Creative currently has only a single slot game under their name:

  • A Western Tail

Lastly, this game can be found in over 12 casino platforms across more than 20 countries.

4. Gamatron

Provider rank - 210

Although Gamatron seems bent on not revealing where the company originated from, this game supplier still finds itself on number 4 on this list, thanks to their provider rank.

On top of that, Gamatron also has an aggregation platform and 20 slots as of Q1 2020 - here are the top 5 ones:

  • Beat Box
  • Piggy Bank Millionaire
  • Cai Shen Four
  • Japanese Mask
  • Sumi-E

And their portfolio of slots can be found in over 6 casinos in 20+ countries.


Apparently - Snowborn Games, Vibra Gaming, Present Creative and Gamatron are the top 4 slot providers for Q1 of 2020.

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