Which Are The Top Money Board Games of The 2010s?

Jul 05, 2020

There has always been an undeniable appeal to board games despite the rise of their online counterparts. Especially in times of lockdown and restrictions, this type of games provides an invaluable source of entertainment. And since the last decade offered quite a bit of great economy-oriented titles we've compiled a list of the top 3 money board games of the 2010s!

In order to do this, we analyzed the respected user ratings of various games in this genre for the last decade over at BoardGamesGeek.

And on top of that, we filtered the main contenders by hand-picking only titles that have over 50 user-generated ratings!

1. Big Money

Avg user rating - 6.57 (from 84 ratings)
Number of players
- 2 to 5
Average playing time - 30 minutes
Age - 8+

Big Money is an economy-based game created by the prolific German company Ravensburger that came out in 2018. In essence, this game is all about which player becomes the richest person i.e. a Zillionaire.

The game revolves around rolling the dice and expanding the scope of your investments. There are a number of businesses that you can invest in such as football teams and candy factories.

Basically, you choose what business to buy as this proves vital when it comes to winning. And just like in other games in this category, there are cards and cash involved in the gameplay.

2. Mow Money

Avg user rating - 5.95 (from 153 ratings)
Number of players
- 1 to 6
Average playing time - 45 to 60 minutes
Age - 10+

Mow Money is a fun money board game with a very rural theme. In this particular game, each player kicks off as a startup landscape company owner on the quest to expand his or her business and achieve the best reputation among the competition.

This means that Mow Money falls under the Crowdfunding: Kickstarter classification, while hand management and bidding are among the core game mechanics.

Eventually, each player strives to earn the best reputation by playing smart and managing things the right way. Indeed, reputation is what matters the most here, although the amount of money that you've accumulated is also important.

3. Moneybags

Avg user rating - 5.76 (from 162 ratings)
Number of players
- 3 to 6
Average playing time - 30 minutes
Age - 9+

Up next we have the brilliant Moneybags that's a party money game created by Japanese designers and artists. Thus, it's originally in Japanese although there's an English translation as well!

Now, the game itself is rather simple in terms of how it's played since all that you have access to are brass coins, point tokens, tiny "diamonds" and little bags. For this reason, bluffing is a major part of Moneybags since players essentially challenge each other as the game progresses.

So you can keep your coins in the bag if you think you have the highest amount currently, while other players do their best to acquire some of your coins.


So there you have it folks, the top money board games of the 2010s that you can still enjoy and have lots of fun with your friends or family.

And while they all follow a similar direction in terms of being economy-oriented, each entry on our list offers distinctive gameplay and specific game mechanics.

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