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Aug 13, 2020

Are You Ready to Win Big While Enjoying the Sun at the Camping Site?

It's crystal clear that Spigo is on a roll in 2020 and the brand new addition to our extensive gaming portfolio proves it.

This time we've developed an online slot that will take you on a cozy and relaxing, yet still quite exciting adventure near the camping site!

Expect a 100% Authentic & Fun Camping Experience!

Your summer camping vacation is now all set thanks to our authentic online slot machine.

In this game, we've focused on including all typical items and foods that you would normally bring with you while camping such as ice cream, sun chairs and sausages.

Game Details

  • RTP - 92%
  • Volatility - Low
  • Technology - HTML5
  • Min / Max bet - €0.50 / €50*

* Configurable

Enjoy Lots of Thematic Symbols!

Here's a list of some of the very camping-friendly symbols that you can stumble upon, each of them offering something extra:

  • Ice cream - 3 Ice creams on the same prize line will result in a 1.2 prize (up to 6x w/ the prize multiplier)
  • Sausage - 3 Sausages on the same prize line will result in a 1x prize (up to 5x w/ the prize multiplier)
  • Sun - 3 Suns on the same prize line will result in a 0.5x prize (up to 2.5x w/ the prize multiplier)
  • Water gun - 3 Water guns on the same prize line will result in a 0.6x prize (up to 3x w/ the prize multiplier)
  • Sun chair - 3 Sun chairs on the same prize line will result in a 3x prize (up to 15x w/ the prize multiplier)
  • Diving mask - 3 Diving masks on the same prize line will result in a 0.8x prize (up to 4x w/ the prize multiplier)
  • Man - 3 Man on the same prize line will result in a 1.5x prize (up to 7.5x w/ the prize multiplier)
  • Woman - 3 Woman on the same prize line will result in a 0.5x prize (up to 2.5x w/ the prize multiplier)
  • Dog - 3 Dog on the same prize line will result in a 2x prize (up to 10x w/ the prize multiplier)
  • Flamingo - 3 Flamingo on the same prize line will result in a 0.8x prize (up to 4x w/ the prize multiplier).

How do you Play Camping?

Camping comes with standard gameplay for online slots, thus there are 12 different symbols and 8 lines. The lowest stake with which you can begin spinning is €0.5, while the highest one is €50.

This, of course, is directly related to your potential prize, in the end, as the higher the stake, the bigger the prize will be.

You can even opt for the automatic spin feature if you want an even more effortless experience. And note that the Auto spin function can be manually enabled and disable!

Fascinating Special Features :

We've added a number of exciting features, including:


Camping comes with a Wild symbol that's essentially a wildcard that can replace any of the other symbols on that line.

And if you land 3 Wilds on one line, they can increase your stake prize by 8x or up to 40x with the multiplier.

Prize Multiplier

Each time you receive a prize, the prize multiplier increases by 1 level.

And if you reach a prize multiplier of 3 and subsequently get 3 symbols, you'll get 10x your stake and a 30x stake as the total prize.

Symbol Flasher

By getting a flash on the symbol flasher you'll have the change to win big.

And if you happen to land on the Jackpot Spin, then you'll get a spin on the Mega Jackpot, meaning you'll have a chance for the major prize.

Ice Cream Cone (Bonus Feature)

Activating 3 ice cream cones on the same line will lead to a 0.4x price or up to 2x if the multiplier is on display.

And if you meet certain conditions you'll even be able to unlock the Kite Flight bonus game!

Cooler Flasher

In a similar fashion to the Symbol Flasher, here your chance to win big increases when you see a flash on the cooler flasher.

By landing on the bottom field, you get a spin on the Super Jackpot, which is your golden chance of winning the major prize!

There are Even 2 Bonus Games Available!

To make your camping experience even better, we've added 2 bonus games into the mix:

1. Kite Flight

In this game, you get to fly your kite wherever you want through the skies. By doing so you'll try to gather as many coins as you can.

And every milestone reached along the way will trigger extra prizes. However, watch out for the seagulls as your kite crashers when you hit one of them.

2. Try Your Luck

If you decide to test your luck in this bonus game, you'll potentially be able to double your spins.

However, your spins might halve if you have an unlucky roll. So as you can see, Try Your Luck is all about your luck.

Try Spigo's Camping Now, While the Ice Cream is Cold and the Sausages Hot!

It's time to grab your camping essentials and get comfortable while trying to win some big prizes in Spigo's exciting new online slot - Camping!

Jun 22, 2020

Do You Have What it Takes to Outsmart Your Opponents in Spigo's Brand New Game?

Keeping the momentum going, Spigo continues the trend of releasing exceptional casual online slots for players across the globe to enjoy.

Thus, we've decided to add our unique touch to an immensely popular multiplayer game that we're confident you're going to totally love!

Behold: Snyd (Liar's Dice)

Snyd is our brand new online multiplayer game that we launched in cooperation with Danske Spil in Denmark.

In essence, this game is the Danish variation of the highly popular Liar's Dice game, and if you've been even remotely involved in dice and casino games for any amount of time, you're probably already familiar with this legendary dice game.

However, in Snyd you have the chance to set yourself among up to a total of 3 winners as you get comfortable around the table and try to outsmart your opponents.

Game Details:

  • RTP - 92%-98%
  • Volatility - Low
  • Technology - HTML5
  • Min / Max bet - €1 / €100*

* Configurable

How is Snyd Played?

Snyd can be played by a maximum of 4 players, each of whom begins with 4 dices and receives 1 cup. Each game kicks off when every player throws their dice under their individual cup simultaneously.

It's crucial that every player keeps their dice hidden so that other players cannot see it! Then, all players start taking turns as everyone tries to guess the overall number of identical eyes that are hidden under every cup.

Expect a Fascinating & Unpredictable Gameplay

To make the gameplay fairer and more fun, we've applied a few restrictions worth noting:

  • You have to always either guess a greater number of eyes or a greater count of dice for any set of eyes;
  • You can only make guesses that are greater/higher than the player who previously made a guess.

To put things into perspective, if the player who guessed prior to you went with 1 dice and 2 eyes, you have to either guess 1 dice and 3 eyes or 2 dice and whatever number of eyes you prefer.

Gameplay Features

Snyd comes with a bunch of amazing special features that are meant to complement the gameplay for an even more captivating dice game experience!

1. "Liar"

If you think that the previous player didn't guess correctly, you can decide to call them a "Liar". As a result, all players on the table should lift their cups to reveal their dice and all the dices with the guessed set of eyes are then collectively counted.

Thus, the previous player loses the round if their guess was a number that's greater than the overall count. But if their guess was accurate then you'll be the one who loses the particular round. Lastly, everyone except the player who lost the round has to remove 1 dice from their cups so that all players can resume throwing dices again.

2. Wild

Snyd also has a Wild feature that are represented by any 1's that you roll during the game. This is also the reason why you're not able to guess the number of 1's under the cup.

And once you stumble upon a Wild, it counts towards any other set of dice when the "Liar" feature is triggered by any of the players.

3. The Stair

The Stair feature is unlocked when all your dices can be counted in a chronological order (starting from 1 onwards) without skipping a single dice.

Subsequently, this features grants you a particular amount of Wilds that's equal to the number of dices you're left with. However, don't forget that the number 1 acts as a Wild! Thus, you'll receive the total number of Wilds that's equal to how many dice you have left in addition to the single Wild.

For example - you're left with 1 dice and you roll 1. In this case your stair's length is just 1 as you receive a total of 2 Wilds.

Multiple Winners and Only 1 Loser

To win in Snyd you have to get rid of all your dices by outsmarting your opponents. When this happens you'll be excluded from the next rounds and you'll be given the chance to spin the wheel of fortune.

This can potentially lead to huge prizes that can multiply your original bet 2x, 10x, or even 50x times, although at the very minimum you're always guaranteed to get your original bet back.

And you automatically lose in Snyd if you don't make a guess prior to the timer running out in 4 consecutive times.

Outguess Your Opponents Now and Multiply Your Original Bet By Up To 50x Times!

If you're a fan of classic dice games in a modern guise or if you simply want to want to try a fascinating multi-winner game, then you'll definitely fall in love with this one.

Prepare to outsmart, outtrick and outplay your opponents in Spigo's captivating multiplayer game - Snyd (Liar's Dice)!

May 22, 2020

2 New Gems Have Been Added To Spigo's Catalogue - Disco Dance & Super Parrot!

We at Spigo always aim to stay ahead of the curve by providing you with a portfolio of exciting, engaging, cutting-edge and fun casual casino games.

That's why we continue this tradition by releasing not one but two fascinating titles - presenting Disco Dance and Super Parrot!

Disco Dance

Disco Dance is our latest sparkling club-oriented title that's meant to sweep you off your feet thanks to an array of superb features and stunning visual effects.

You'll be able to experience an authentic night club experience wrapped in a casino game, like never before. Expect vibrant colors, neon symbols and thematic electro dance music as you make your way through the dance floor towards the potentially big win!

Game Details

  • RTP - 92%
  • Paylines - 20
  • Volatility - High
  • Hit frequency - 35.44%
  • Technology - HTML5 / WebG
  • Min / Max bet - €0.1 / €100*

* Configurable

Gameplay Features

Disco Dance offers plenty of cool features such as the Expanding Sticky Wild that you unlock by getting a disco ball that's active as long as you keep finding disco balls.

There are also FreeSpins that you unlock via finding 3 (or more) special symbols that resemble old-school cassettes. On top of that, you can even play a mini-game that revolves around avoiding spilled drinks, following the music and collecting dropped change.

In essence, Disco Dance is the go-to casino game for those of you who like clubbing and betting at the same time!

Super Parrot

In this thematic game you'll have the chance to take the role of our very own superhero - the Super Parrot! As such, your main objective is to save the damsel from an evil Magpie and get all the stolen treasure to win big.

And you even get to choose how you start - either from your super parrot's headquarters or you can directly go and look for the main villain - the Magpie. Be prepared for comic-like graphics and lots of superhero adventures with Super Parrot!

Game Details

  • RTP - 92%
  • Paylines - 20
  • Volatility - High
  • Hit frequency - 22.53%
  • Technology - HTML5 / WebG
  • Min / Max bet - €0.1 / €100*

* Configurable

Gameplay Features

Perhaps the most fascinating feature in Super Parrot is the Expanding Wild that represents Super Parrot's symbol. Upon activation, it absorbs every symbol around it and replaces it with a copy that's randomly chosen.

And if luck is on your side you can even stumble upon several Super Parrot symbols at the same time, making for a full-screen win. Or in other words, prepare yourself for some big wins!

Don't Waste Anymore Time and Try Disco Dance & Super Parrot Now!

Prepare yourself for some next-level fun with these two new additions to our exclusive casual casino games portfolio.

Make sure to give Disco Dance or Super Parrot a try for an authentic online slot experience with potentially big wins!

Jun 28, 2019

Party Animals Rejoice - Showers: Circus Edition 2018 Is Finally Here!

When the temperatures rise and the sun starts shining brighter - it's time to hit the pool. And because we know just how much you love fancy pool parties, we've decided to introduce our latest slot for all party animals - Showers: Circus Edition 2018!

For yet another year, Spigo is a proud sponsor of the mind-blowing Showers event.  And we're delighted to be able to continue one of the hottest and most successful titles on our slot catalog with this fascinating circus-themed edition. If you're into massive prizes and epic parties, this one's for you!

What Exactly Is Showers (The Event)?

Courtesy of Ambassador Events, Showers is an annual champagne pool party that's been around since 2013. This posh event is the perfect embodiment of the modern pool parties.

From uplifting beats to a unique atmosphere and the Mediterranean charm, Showers has it all. Whether it's in Malta, Miami or Ibiza, this is the go-to pool party event.

What Can Players Expect From Shower's 2k18 Circus Edition Slot?

Superb music, lots of party people and the chance to win big! Essentially, we've included all the glitz and glamor that surrounds the Showers event, while also spicing things up with a captivating gameplay.

Apart from pumping beats and stunning visuals, our exclusive Showers: Circus Edition 2018 game offers:

  • Hit rate of 20%
  • Five reels and three rows (5*3)
  • 96% RTP
  • High volatility
  • Expanding Wild feature
  • Compatible with all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile)

And on top of that, you get to choose the booster level (1-10), the coin value (€0.01-€1) and whether you want to spin the reels automatically via the Auto button.

Short Cutscenes That You're Bound To Love

We wanted to take things a step further this time so we've added short cutscenes to the game. By spinning the reels you'll have the chance to encounter a variety of circus performers. From circus midgets taking their hat off to you to attractive circus girls dancing, you're in for a treat!

Expanding Wilds And A Hoop Girl

Let's face it, circuses and hoop girls go hand in hand. And that's exactly how our awesome Expanding Wilds feature works! This feature gets activated each time the Hoop Girl symbol appears and when that happens, all surrounding symbols get absorbed as well.

Then, one of these absorbed symbols (randomly selected) gets chosen and all surrounding symbols become copies of this very same chosen symbol. However, if you're lucky enough to encounter more than 1 Hoop Girl symbol, then all symbols on the bandit get absorbed. On a side note - the Hoop Girl symbol may only appear on reels 2 and 4.

In a nutshell, our brilliant Expanding Wilds feature that's part of the new Showers slot is your chance to win big, the wild way!

Time To Splash Into The Depths Of The Hottest Pool Party Slot Out There!

Listen, we've attended these massive and crazy parties over the last couple of years. We know how fun and uplifting they are - that's why we wanted to capture the Showers magic into a fitting online slot. The end result is a game with lots of positive vibes, great music, gorgeous guests and big prizes!

Put on your party mood and start playing our latest and hottest slot Showers: Circus Edition 2018!

Jan 11, 2019

It Is Official: Danske Spil Has Added Spigo's Bingo Game To Their Vertical Casino Zezam!

Continuing their momentum, one of the most prominent lottery platforms on the globe - Danske Spil has officially added Spigo's fascinating and lucrative Bingo title to their Zezam vertical. Zezam has all the right ingredients to deliver the ultimate online gaming experience for all gambling fans out there.

Zezam is so much more than your ordinary, run-of-the-mill vertical - it is actually an exclusive game room with a myriad of unique games on offer and Spisog's very own Bingo multiplayer game definitely helps in this regard. The complete list of captivating games that players can enjoy in Zezam includes some familiar titles, including:

  • Tropicana (jackpot - 123.805,45 KR)
  • Zoo (jackpot - 69.547,41 KR)
  • Black Gammon (jackpot - 47.114,22 KR)
  • Karussellen (jackpot - 46.800,39 KR)
  • Fruits (jackpot - 40.036,82 KR)
  • Napoleon (jackpot - 36.948 KR)
  • Edderkop (jackpot - 17.462,16 KR)
  • Diamonds (jackpot - 14.717,20 KR)
  • 7 Kabale (jackpot - 12.256,48 KR)
  • Yatzy (jackpot - 11.916,80 KR)
  • Yukon 21 (jackpot - 11.062,28 KR)
  • Bingo
  • Starlight
  • Showers

With a variety of pay lines, reels, rows and wild features, all of these online casino titles incorporate engaging gameplay, awesome rewards and the latest graphics for a truly one-of-a-kind iGaming experience. By introducing the Zezam game room, Danske Spil wanted to give players the opportunity to play games of varying design and difficulty.

As for Bingo, it is a highly-volatile multiplayer bingo game with an RTP ranging from 75% to 90%. This Spigo title has been around since 2015 and with an average session revenue of €18 and an average session spent time of 38 minutes, it is both very rewarding and lots of fun.

Unsurprisingly, Bingo adds a touch of quality and a level of detail that helps Zezam to separate itself from the crowd. Almost all of the Zezam titles are the result of Spigo's online games development prowess in recent years, including highly-successful games such as Hat Trick, Tivoli, Fruits and Zoo.

When an iGaming platform like Danske Spil, which is a part of the World Lottery Association teams up with one of the hottest, up-and-coming casual, custom casino games provider Spigo, there is no doubt that the end product will be nothing short of amazing.

Thanks to Spigo's proven track record in developing cutting edge online games, the titles in Zezam are 100% mobile-friendly. However, Zezam is not the only bingo that Danske Spil currently has though, there are a number of other great game rooms available on their platform, such as:

  • Dantoto
  • eOddset
  • Spillehjornet
  • Tips

Apart from incorporating a number of great online games in its portfolio, Danske Spil also has an extensive history as it was founded back in 1948. Even though it is the national lottery in Denmark, the Danish government does not fully own Danske Spil. In fact, it officially holds 80% of this gambling platform, while both the Danish Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee and the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association hold 10% each.

Due to its connection to sports associations, it is no surprise that Danke Spil also supports the Stop Match Fixing danish initiative that aims to promote fair play in sports. There is no denying that match fixation does a lot of harm to both the players and game providers. And platforms like Danske Spil realize that gambling and fair play go hand in hand, that is why they make the effort to help players maintain their confidence in sports betting by fighting back on match-fixing.

Sep 13, 2018

Spigo Forges A New Partnership With Betting Company 1XBET

1XBET’s trump card is the fact that they provide the unique opportunity to make live bets. Their in-play betting functionality that allows players to place bets during a particular game or match is a big thing for some sports fans.

In addition to the casino games that are already available on 1XBET’s platform, Spigo’s single-player, multiplayer, dice-based, card-based, classic and modern games including Tropicana and Diamonds, will become a part of 1XBET’s game catalogue.

Not only will 1XBET have the chance to utilize online casino games that have been developed using the latest technology, but the fact that they’re built on HTML5 means that all of the games would be both desktop and mobile-friendly.

Spigo’s cutting-edge casual casino games portfolio ranges from free spins, free games, local and progressive jackpots, bonus systems and even bonus games.

“We value Spigo’s casual, creative and innovative approach to online casino games. That’s exactly why we’re so pleased with this new cooperation and we’re certain that their tested and proven slot machine titles will help us gain a competitive edge,” comments a 1XBET representative.

Caroline Maciel, Spigo’s Sales Manager, said: “It’s an honour for us to join forces with one of the top betting companies like 1xBET. This is a new chapter for both companies and we’re very pleased that 1XBET realizes the potential of casual casino games, which are constantly growing in popularity.”

Aug 28, 2018

Spigo And Bethard Go Hard In An Exciting New Deal

It's official - the extraordinary casual casino games studio Spigo and the online betting powerhouse Bethard began a partnership.

With an already established presence in Scandinavia, UK and around Europe, and with football legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic on their side, Bethard's looking to take their portfolio to a whole new level with their new cooperation with Spigo as they’re looking towards Denmark.

Bethard’s ambitious plan to become Europe’s leading sportsbook involves optimizing their iGaming catalogue by adding more visually stunning and cutting-edge games. And that’s exactly where Spigo excels at, thanks to their unique approach to developing casual casino games and slots.

From classic titles to modern games such as Yatzy, Diamonds and Tropicana, Spigo's lengthy catalogue includes lots of single-player and multiplayer that are not only visually stunning but also developed using HMTL5. This means that everything made by Spigo is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

Bjørnar Heggernes at Bethard said: "Spigo has a unique presence in the online games industry which made this an easy decision for us. The creativity and quality of their games gives us a better and stronger portfolio for the players to enjoy."

Caroline Maciel at Spigo said: "We're all very excited about our new partnership with Bethard. They're definitely one of the top dogs in the betting industry in Europe and we're delighted that a company like Bethard shows such a strong interest in our casual casino games. But above all, they see the potential that casual games have and their growing importance in the ever-changing online casino games market."

Jul 31, 2018

Shower Yourself With The Chic 2018 Edition Of Showers Slot!

Yes, the summer of 2018 is officially here and that means one thing - the pool party season is upon us! So, because we love pool parties, we've decided to revamp our authentic Showers slot game so that it's in line with this year's circus-themed edition of the ultimate pool party.

Thus, we at Spigo are honored and super thrilled for the upcoming release of the 2018 version of one of our hottest games, part of our SpigoCATALOGUE, based on Ambassador Events' massive party brand

What To Expect From Showers 2018?

First and foremost, our mega hot and upcoming HTML5 video slot game is entirely focused on giving you a one-of-a-kind experience that'll make you feel like you're actually by the pool, enjoying the party to the fullest!
Electric vibes, attractive people, lots of fun and champagne everywhere will guarantee that you're having a blast while having the chance to win big. And here's what Showers' 2018 edition has to offer:

  • 20 pay lines
  • Five reels and three rows (5*3)
  • 96% RTP
  • High volatility 
  • Wild feature 
  • Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

You can expect these and more stunning features when the new version of our Showers game goes live, so stay tuned for the release date!

The Wild Feature

This fascinating feature along with the potential to win huge stacks of cash that it brings will make you fall in love with Showers 2018 instantly!
In essence, this feature is activated each time a special symbol appears and the Wild feature can only appear on every second and fourth reel of the game. And when the aforementioned unique symbol gets displayed, all the symbols around it will be randomly changed.

Bring Out Your Inner Party Freak With Showers 2018!

Now you'll have the chance to relive this year's edition of the legendary pool party, in the thematic circus theme. Uplifting music, quality drinks, beautiful women, good-looking men and plenty of water will ensure that you have a blast each time you play Spigo's Showers videos
We've got lots of special and unique things in store for you, as the upcoming 2018 version of Showers will definitely make your jaw drop. So make sure to keep an eye on our news section to make sure that you don't miss any important updates and info!

Jun 28, 2018

Spigo Makes a Splash in SIGMA Magazine!

Spigo’s profile continues to flourish in the world of iGaming, with CEO Kasper Kau being featured in this year’s spring / summer edition of SIGMA magazine. A leading iGaming publication which provides a 360-degree spotlight on the industry in Malta, SIGMA magazine spoke to Kau about how Spigo manages to stay ahead of the competition in such a crowded market.

The article briefly describes Spigo’s services as an online casino games developer, and how their bespoke slots are tailored specifically for the casino environment. Kau details how Spigo stays ahead by providing both internal and external variety: “The goal is to have the right games to suit every taste and disposition.”

In the interview, Kau stresses the importance of diverse content for online casinos, and underlines how Spigo collaborates with operators by allowing them to order a custom slot machine. This results in games with are designed to fit brand identity and thus enhances a casino’s performance. 

Kau counts re-playability and staying power as USPs of Spigo’s games. “The player can understand each game fairly quickly, without providing too much direct help. The games themselves are designed for maximum engagement, and attract the player to the game over and over again.”

He then goes through the different stages that Spigo undertakes when preparing a hit Spigo title, from the moment of its inception to its release. Planning and feedback on graphical components are provided by the designers, after which the game itself is tried by testers and other game developers. Consultation with partners after a game’s release is described by Kau as “a crucial step that is often underrated.” This process helps to shine light on what needs to be improved or adjusted.

Finally, Kau goes through Spigo’s unique and varied catalogue, mentioning innovative titles such as Yukon21 and Diamond, both different takes on BlackJack and Candy Crush respectively. Adds Kau, “The appeal of Spigo’s games lies not only in the immediate fun, because they also offer great incentives to the player. These increase the player’s chances of winning the jackpot in most of the games, or provide free spins in the slot titles.”

The interview ends with Kau touching on Spigo’s rigorous compliance procedures, which include a thorough certification process, with system changes certified each quarter. The entire system is also recertified on a yearly basis.

Through constant innovation, originality and attention to detail, Spigo’s future as an online casino games provider continues to look more and more promising, and can look forward to breaking more ground and further opportunities.

May 23, 2018

Spigo on their Amazing April: The Best Month for Custom Slots

April was indeed a historic month for Spigo. The bespoke slots created by Spigo for their partners have not only proven to be extremely successful, but have also generated the best revenue in months.

The cooperation between Spigo team and their partners showed that all the hard work paid off. Having analysed April’s revenue, Sales Manager Caroline Maciel said, ''I am extremely happy and proud to see that we broke records with our bespoke slots last month. Casinos are beginning to realise that having unique games designed for their website has become increasingly important. Providing players with remarkable content these days is a must.''

Maciel went on to add, ''At Spigo, we always conduct research on what is happening in the industry. We communicate with our partners to get to know the audience they are targeting, and together we decide what the best choice is for the volatility, features, RTP and theme to make the game enjoyable for their players.”

When helping the clients decide the features and volatility of the game, games developer Kevin Nielsen said, “I take their target audience into consideration; if they are targeting a more casual market they'll want interesting features that the player can build towards, such as bonus games, counters, or flashers. If it's more of a "hard-core" market, we typically don't include a lot of features as such players just want as many spins as possible, as fast as possible, and a bonus game interrupts that flow.”

Regarding the spectacular bonus games created by Spigo, Kevin Nielsen added, ''I take the theme of the slot machine into account; the trick is to create a design that can fit the theme, for instance the sea-lion game from Zoo - but it also has to be designed in such a way that it is engaging. It’s important for the player to feel like the choices they make will matter in the outcome of the game, otherwise they'll end up feeling cheated when we really want them to think ‘I could have done better, I'll keep playing so I can try again’ when the bonus game ends.

“Here are 4 things I think are crucial for a good bonus game experience:

  1. Always award the player some prize - never let them leave the game empty-handed. 
  2. Be mindful of the duration of the game. Don't make it too short and don't make it too long. 
  3. The game should make the player feel as though they actually make choices that matter.
  4. Don't punish the player by taking anything away from them. For example, don't take away turns in the bonus game or potential prizes the player has already been shown.''

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