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Apr 18, 2018

Be a Rizk-Taker!

Discover Rizk Superslot 5000

Our team at Spigo is as excited as it is proud to broadcast its collaboration with yet another game-changer within the iGaming sector: Rizk Casino. Soon-to-be-launched, bespoke slot machine – developed by Spigo – Rizk Superslot 5000 will be exclusively available on

You can manually play the game by triggering symbols or counters. Try your luck with Scatters, increasing your chances at winning some awesome prizes when combined over multiple spins.

Features of the game: Scatter and Wild

The Scatter feature only appears on the first, second and fifth reel. Represented through a dog character, it’s activated when 3 of its symbols appear. You can’t change the stake for as long as the Scatter is active. The Scatter feature gives you from 15 to 50 free spins. Get 3 Scatter symbols and receive 15 free spins, which will have the same stake as when you first activated the Scatter feature. Continue activating the Scatter feature within those 15 spins and generate the maximum of 50 spins.

Generated every time the Captain symbol appears; the Wild feature can only appear on the second and fourth reel. Each time the Captain appears, it randomly changes the symbols around him… unless there’s a dog. While other symbols are transformed, the dog remains.

If the Captain appears on both reels in the same spin, all valid symbols will be swapped with a new and randomly chosen symbol. The Scatter and Wild symbols won’t be affected or chosen by this feature.

RTP and Pay Lines

Rizk Superslot 5000 has a fantastic RTP of 96%, with 20 pay lines and 5 reels. The Wildcard makes it easier to yield prizes. To better understand pay lines, simply click on pay-table to find out everything you need to know about the game’s great features.

Casual casino games developed by Spigo

Both Spigo and Rizk believe the image of a casino is often measured by its super content. Spigo’s customised slot machines create a gaming experience like no other. This can easily be seen when playing Rizk Superslots 5000. Perhaps one of the most special things about this slot, is its exclusivity to

Developed by Spigo, Rizk Superslots 5000 was tailor-made to captivate players and enhance their gaming experience.

Mar 01, 2018


We are delighted to announce a new partnership with iSoftBet!

Spigo's games will be delivered via iSoftBet’s powerful Game Aggregation Platform (GAP) to various operators and includes titles offering single player, multiplayer, card-based, dice-based, classic and modern games such as Diamonds, Fruits, and Zoo. It is the first time that iSoftBet will offer casual casinos games.

Each game has been developed in HTML5, making them compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. The games feature local and progressive jackpots, free spins, free games, bonus games and bonus systems.

Michael Probert, Head of Business Development at iSoftBet, said: “The casual games market continues to grow at a rapid rate, particularly in the Nordics. This partnership gives our Danish operators access to these popular titles for the first time.

“Here at iSoftBet we are always looking to strengthen our Game Aggregation Platform with a wide range of quality titles, and Spigo’s suite of match-three puzzle games certainly hit the mark and will be a big success with our partners.

Kasper Kau, CEO of Spigo, said: “We are delighted to have integrated our casual games into iSoftBet’s powerful Game Aggregation Platform, making them available to their operator partners in Denmark.

“We have seen a huge rise in the popularity of casual games in recent months and years, and they are a great way for operators to diversify their game portfolios and attract new players.”

Feb 03, 2018


Our team at Spigo is delighted to broadcast the exciting news that it will be launching yet another great game: Yukon21. A game which appeals to anyone who loves playing cards, think of Yukon21 as your classical card game with an interesting twist.

Yukon21 is a single-player game which takes place in Alaska, circa 1890, during the gold rush. Based around making tricks with a sum of 21, Aces have the value 1 or 11, while picture cards have the value of 10, and the remaining cards have their printed value.

The game is played by placing one card at a time on a card pile, if the sum of the cards in the pile reaches 21, you get a trick and the pile is cleared. However, if the sum goes above 21, you get a bust and the game is over!

To win the game you need to use all the cards in tricks or the ones placed in piles. Each time you win, you get gold dust which can be carried over from one game to the next. Once the glass is filled with gold dust, you receive a Jackpot Spin with a guaranteed fantastic prize and a chance of the big Jackpot prize! There are 3 levels, which means the game can be enjoyed by anyone – from beginner to advanced.

Perhaps the best feature of this game is the fact that the pay-out rate is between 90 and 95%. Players can think of this as fast-paced, quick-thinking card game. So, if you consider yourself as somewhat of a veteran card game player with a few tricks up your sleeve, this game is definitely for you!


Jan 24, 2018


Spigo is proud to announce that it has released the Global Multiplayer Network! Explore a system that lets players from one partner, play with participants from other partners.

To begin with, the network is opt-in and collaborates with several partners, working on joining forces with several different sites. Playing Multiplayer requires volume, and as our volume for each Partner becomes compatible, it increases the value of our Multiplayer games.

The Multiplayer games is a special feature which is novel as it’s not something offered by many companies. This unique element, allows your company to gain value from all partners, no matter your company’s size!

In terms of practicality, this means a lot. The player needn’t wait for such a long time in a queue, whilst waiting to be matched into a game. Needless to say, this drastic improvement on sites with little volume is what makes Global Multiplayer Network something that’s not only a ‘nice-to-have’ but a must-have!

Dec 22, 2017


The role of a product manager is to provide games which excite and inspire gamers to play. A great game should be easy to use and offer the possibility of great prizes and returns. Luckily Spigo has created the game for you!

Introducing to you Starlight: a fantastic game which will surely leave your players mesmerised, feeling as though they’ve actually been stargazing! Who hasn’t dreamt of travelling to the furtive and fascinating world of outer space?

Now, your players are lucky enough to step aboard the rocket and fly into the mysterious abyss of the universe and beyond, thanks to Starlight. Players can take a journey into the starry world, for a quest to find rare and valuable jewels, and revel in the enigmatic astral events, and the wonders of the universe…

Get participants to explore the cosmos through this fantastic game! They’ll enjoy collecting precious gems and win lots of prizes. After being captivated in the enormousness of intergalactic fantasy, gamers can participate amazing astrophysical events, as they witness suns replicating, or going supernova.

What’s more, thanks to our Wild feature, which will cause the Wild symbol to spread, and activate respins, this allows your players to enjoy massive prizes! We know how important it is for avid gamers to have treasured (pun intended!) information about new games once they’re launched.

If you’re looking for a casino game that’s got equal part of fun and excitement, then launch into orbit to discover the fantastic game of Starlight. At Spigo, we have fresh and exciting games which will surely delight your players and their overall gaming experience.

Oct 27, 2017


We’re so ecstatic to announce that our team at Spigo is attending and exhibiting in this year’s EiG Expo in Berlin! Our company specialises in two areas – generating personalised slots, custom-made to the exact specifications that suit our clients’ needs and creating exclusive and inimitable casino games that merge casual with casino.

About Us

Our dynamic portfolio includes top-notch slots and standard, all-time favourite games monetised for the casino environment. Such games include Solitaire and Yatzy to the more contemporary and exciting Diamonds. Complemented with fantastic graphics, inventive game technology, built on HTML5, our products are the definition of what innovation is all about and a breath of fresh air the industry is always seeking.

Why attend EiG 2017?

Excellence in Gaming has been working closely with the iGaming Industry Council (iGIC), to guarantee that the most up-to-date and germane topics this year. This year EiG’s agenda will concentrate on how the industry can up the ante by using the next level of intelligence, using the newest technology, products and ideas.

Every year, EiG manages to attract the world’s leading iGaming brands and newly launched start-ups. This conference will also make a significant effort to bring operators from regional and emerging markets to mirror the expanding sector. Moreover, expertise from outside the industry, will also be brought, this way attendees can expand their already existing knowledge gain insights and from different perspectives which are rarely shared in our market. EiG allows participants and guests to benefit from a unique platform which enables high-level networking and learning for the entire iGaming realm.

EiG provides an exclusive platform which encourages and facilitates networking and learning for the entire iGaming environment hosts senior-level decision-makers from iGaming operators, land-based casinos, betting shops, lottery operators, social operators, gaming start-ups, regulators, consultants and many more, on an international scale.

Aug 10, 2017


We are thrilled to have launched our much anticipated new video slot, Showers! Using the famous party brand, Showers takes players right into the crazy pool party action filled with cheering crowds, gorgeous guests, spraying champagne and killer music.

Showers is the first video slot in our SpigoCATALOGUE built on our v2 framework, where we have much more flexibility and creativity when creating games. With five reels, three rows and a 96% RTP, Showers also includes our amazing Wild Spins feature, where players can rack up huge prizes with a win multiplier.

David Mann, Head of Sales at Spigo, said: "Releasing Showers, the first of our SpigoCATALOGUE games built on our latest framework, has been huge for us. After attending the parties in recent years, it made sense to build a video slot that perfectly captured the craziness while offering players the ability to win big.”

“We will continue to develop high quality slots along the same lines as Showers, taking on exciting concepts and bringing them to life with the sparkle that Spigo is renowned for.”


Jun 09, 2017


Spigo will be exhibiting at the iGaming SuperShow conference, held in Amsterdam from the 10th till 14th July.

Located at booth R8, our stall will stand out with our distinct red and white colours, and will be attended by our CEO Kasper Kau, and Head of Sales David Mann. A great occasion to meet friends, existing and potential partners, contact us now and reserve a meeting time.

May 15, 2017


Finnplay, the Finland-based open gaming platform provider, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Spigo, the casual casino games, and slots studio.

The deal allows Finnplay to access the Spigo CATALOGUE™ games which include in-house HMTL5 slots such as the upcoming Starlight and Fruits, and casual casino games including Diamonds and Yatzy.

Carl DeGiorgio who recently joined Finnplay as Vice President of the White Label Business Unit said: “I’m delighted with the agreement of Spigo, who are a very forward thinking and creative games studio, who have and continue to deliver genuinely exciting gaming content within the gaming industry. We are thrilled to distribute their games catalog on our portfolio of websites.”

David Mann, Head of Sales at Spigo, said: “Forming a partnership with Finnplay is incredibly exciting for us, as we will be able to reach new markets and top brands. Our selection of unique casino games, as well as customised slots, will be a perfect addition to their already impressive game portfolio, and we are delighted to be on board with a company clearly going from strength to strength.”

Apr 27, 2017


Spigo, the leading developer of unique casino games, have announced they are upscaling their custom slots product, SpigoBUILDER, to accommodate many more clients looking for bespoke gaming products.

Expanding their development team with SpigoBUILDER projects in mind, Spigo will be able to deliver top quality customised content for operators looking to satisfy player appetites for fresh, exciting games at an industry-leading cost.

SpigoBUILDER is flexible to allow clients as much, or as little, involvement in the creative process while Spigo takes care of the dirty work, such as implementation, languages, testing and certification. Supported on the SpigoSTATION platform, all existing Spigo partners can get in touch to begin working on their own custom branded slots immediately.

Commenting on the recent developments, Spigo Head of Sales David Mann said: “Expanding our development team to allow more of our partners, and future partners, access to SpigoBUILDER products is extremely exciting.

We have seen more operators looking for ways to engage with their players through fresh, branded content and we want to be at the forefront of this content offering. One of our partners, Rizk, have an exclusive Rizk-themed slot built around their excellent brand identity in the pipeline that will fully utilise everything SpigoBUILDER has to offer, and we cannot wait to play the finished product.”

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