We are extremely passionate about what we do, and this is consistently reflected in our games. At Spigo, we pride ourselves not solely on the way our games look, but also on the way they work. We believe in taking ownership of all of our games from beginning to end, for this reason all of our games are developed in-house using software we have developed ourselves too.

May we introduce you to our range of specifically designed tools that have been used, tested, and perfected during the development of our games, and are at your disposal too – all you need is an idea.


Our CATALOGUE™ is brimming with existing ready-to-go and plug-and-play games. All that it requires from your end is a simple API integration with our custom system.


Our BUILDER™ comes into play whenever a client has a game concept in mind, and requires assistance in order to materialise this idea approaches us. Over the years we have built a number of custom games for large operators, and have monitored and executed every game from conceptualisation all the way to final delivery.


The HAMMER™ is our in-house developed proprietary Game Development Kit (GDK) that has been used to create special effects and keep track of game statuses, as well as being the backbone for several modern browser-based casino games that operate for real money.


The STATION™ is our back-end and includes a cloud-hosted platform where all of our games, libraries and tools operate. Apart form supporting HAMMER™, this system is also compatible with any modern web technology you may currently be using, such as Unity3D for instance.

How our products relate

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