Stand out from the competition and enhance your brand with a custom made slot machine from Spigo!

With slots the cornerstone of the online casino industry, many operators are offering the same games as all their competitors, to fight for the same customers. Differentiating your casino to provide something unique therefore becomes extremely important.

Our SpigoBUILDER product makes your dreams a reality. Working together with your ideas and our expertise, we will create a bespoke slot machine that projects great branding, a strong commercial tie-in and helps to increase player loyalty and awareness.

How to get started?

Everything begins with a spark; an idea.

Perhaps you have a strong brand image that you think would lend itself well to a slot machine, or a brand ambassador that can be used to both promote the machine and to create a unique identity. Or there may be a commercial tie-in, such as a partnership with a sports team, a TV show, a musical outfit an interesting theme - anything. If you have an idea to create a slot, we want to hear it, work on it and produce it!

Besides the idea, we need to know what kind of slot machines you like. For instance this can be achieved by telling us about specific existing machines you like or features in existing machines. You may also have thought of some completely new features you would love to see implemented to a slot machine - You can provide as much or little detail as you are comfortable with. With your help we will take charge of building the machine of your dreams.


Our custom slots lead the way in pricing, development time and the finished article, and we want to have options affordable to all of our clients. You can choose from the following:

  • Starting for as little as €10,000, you can opt for our v1 slot machines, which feature wilds, scatters, 3 bonus games and up to 178 paylines.
  • Fully customised slot machine, with a base rate of €200 per hour, which allows a blank canvas for the slot machines. Perhaps using some of the most popular features on the market today, some innovations of your own and some input from our development wizards, a v2 slot machine will take around 140 hours of development - but remember we can negotiate to develop something that suits your needs.



With SpigoBUILDER the following features are supported:

  • HTML5 framework using blazingly fast WebGL with Canvas fallback for maximum compatibility across devices and browsers
  • Any configuration of symbols/reels
  • Support for none, one or more jackpots
  • Flexible volatility. Tailor the machine to your players
  • Flexible RTP
  • Any bonus features you can dream up using our innovative behavioral constructs - or select from a suite of existing bonus games / features
  • Multipliers
  • Bonuses and freespins support configurable through our CMS
  • Standard features such as wild, SCATTER support and anticipation
  • Symbol polymorphism
  • Full screen bonus games
  • Permutable machine - new reels/symbols appear when triggered
  • Provide your own graphics and sounds or let us help you get best in business visuals and audio
  • Support for both portrait and landscape mode in your slot on mobile devices - who are we to choose how people want to hold their device?


Please have a browse through the images below to see our existing custom slot machines.

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