The CATALOGUE™ contains a list of our current ready-to-go and plug-and-play games. We are confident of our products and pride ourselves on the high quality of all of our games. This is chiefly because all Spigo games enjoy features such as:

  • Full compatibility with all devices as well as being HTML5 compliant
  • Local and global progressive jackpots
  • Local, global and glocal player networks
  • Free spins, free games and side games
  • Bonus systems and loyalty programmes
  • STATION™ - our state of the art CMS
  • Chat functions
  • Innovation within classic casual games

While browsing through our CATALOGUE™, keep in mind that you are not simply passing on another game to your players, but you are breathing life into your brand and enabling it to reach out to new audiences that might have otherwise disregarded online casinos before. These generally include casual players that enjoy the thrill of online gaming but demonstrate an adversity to slots. The main advantage here is that you are faced with lower acquisition costs, and the unique opportunity of converting casual players into casino players.

We invite you to browse through CATALOGUE™ and make use of the filtering options for targeted search results.

Offering Spigo games might be easier than you think. All that’s required is a simple integration with our minimalist API system in order to sign in partner players and open your doors for business.

If you already make use of the services of one of our existing partners than the required integration should already be in place and you should be good to go.



Right from the bottom up, all Spigo games are fully HTML5 compliant and enable your players to enjoy games on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. We use the Canvas Tag to render on screen with no plug-ins required.

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