At the heart of all Spigo operations lies STATION™, our host, which is backed by the world’s largest hosting provider Rackspace, on the world’s fastest network Level 3, and making use of the world’s biggest Content Distribution Network (CDN) Akamai.

STATION™ is responsible for various aspects of all Spigo games, which include:

  • Security and authentication
  • Change Management
  • Reporting of several kinds
  • (Pseudo) Random Number Generation
  • CDN and resource administration
  • Accepting player bets
  • Matching players in multi player games
  • Client/server (re)connection
  • Redundancy and failover
  • Scalabilty
  • Back Office and Content management System (CMS) tools
  • API integration and tools

STATION™ is regularly tested and certified by Force Technologies, Fort Consult, iTech Labs and NCC.

Back office

At times, it is said that an image is worth a thousand words. Below is a link to a couple of screen shots showing the User Interface (UI) to our back office web app. It is responsive and works across smart phone, tablet and desktop. It supports any time zone, locale (country and language) formatting and has dynamic currency conversion converting between currencies in just milliseconds!

View screens

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