Second Generation

Nov 08, 2018


Spigo second generation platform is our newest blazing fast, super performing, highly scalable, second generation HTML5 platform for games and sites. Everything is optimized for mobile and tablet availability.


The product presentation describes Spigo as a company and our second generation Games Platform. The document also gives a good presentation of several of the games available on the platform and some partner showcases. The intended audience is decision-makers wishing to host our games.


Integration Process

The Integration Process document gives a broad perspective of the process allowing a partner to integrate the Spigo Second Generation Game Platform on an existing site. It is intended for decision-makers wanting to know the timeframe and effort required to integrate our Game Platform.

SPIGO® Platform Integration Process

Integration Guide

Our Integration Guide documents in detail, the steps needed to perform a successful integration of the Spigo Second Generation Platform. It is written for project managers and technical staff tasked with performing integration with our Game Platform.

SPIGO® Platform Integration Guide


The API contains a thorough description of all events, which can be sent to or received from the Spigo Partner API. The API facilitates secure communication with Spigo’s Game Platform and gives its users a host of information regarding games being played. Hooked up to a partner payment provider, it enables the partner’s user to purchase Spigo game sessions.


SPIGO® Slot Machine Design and API



Spigo offers two kinds of services; standard and extra services. Standard Services are offered as part of the main contract and covered by the partner’s licensing fee while Extra Services are billed separately.

Spigo uses the Lighthouse Issue Tracking System to track errors and handle Extra Service Requests concerning the SPIGO® Platform. To login to Lighthouse please go here and enter your login credentials. Each partner can have two user accounts on Spigo’s Lighthouse. Invitations to Lighthouse are sent out in coordination with Spigo.

Logging into Lighthouse you have access to the “SPIGO® Platform Error Reports” and “SPIGO® Extra Services” projects. These are used respectively for reporting errors and requesting extra services.

Error reporting is handled differently based on immediacy. Errors so severe that they require immediate escalated attention are referred to as “Emergency operational issues”. These are issues affecting a larger group of players now and to an extent where playing games is not possible. For such immediate issues, we offer a 24x7x365 phone hotline. All other errors are reported through our Lighthouse ticket system. Details on both error reporting procedures can be found in the “SPIGO® Platform Error Reporting Procedure” document below.

Standard Services

SPIGO® CMS Partner Guide

SPIGO® Platform Error Reporting Procedure

Extra Services

SPIGO® Extra Service Request Procedure

Customer Support

For general questions regarding the second generation Games Platform Spigo provides 2nd Level Support during workday business hours (08:00 to 16:00 CET, Monday-Friday). An inquiry to the 2nd Level Support desk can be made by email ( Inquiries sent to the Support desk during business hours will be answered as quickly as possible.


SPIGO® Games Agreement

Letter of Intent (Games Agreement)

SPIGO® Letter of Intent


SPIGO® Introduction Agreement

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